Protecting Your Technology Investment from the Data Center to the Edge

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is pleased to announce the “2020 Digital Exchange – A Vision for the Future,” an online, global, event designed to connect customers, end-users and the new generation of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals with expert members of CPI and a variety of its partners on Wednesday, October 21.

In this unprecedented time, with the emergent need for high-quality virtual encounters, CPI has created an engaging platform and forum to allow its most valued customers and newcomers alike to join together for this special, one-day event, packed with a variety of digital resources, interactive content and exclusive access and insights from CPI and partner experts, a special CEO keynote address, relevant industry discussions, trainings, new product demonstrations, live Q&A sessions, first-of-its kind interactive gaming challenge and more. 

CPI Chief Executive Officer, Michael Custer, opens the 2020 Digital Exchange with a special keynote address to CPI’s global community of customers, colleagues and partners, highlighting the organization’s commitment to a customer-led, customer-first philosophy, how such practices can be the spark for others to find success and stability in a rapidly changing technology landscape, and what true customization means for CPI’s vision for the future.

Expert Panels  
Three expert panel discussions will be available on-demand:

Data Center Power and Cooling
Learn key industry insights during a live discussion between CPI power experts and subject matter experts from CPI partners Sunbird® Software, Xtreme Power Conversion® and E+I Engineering Corp.

Enterprise to the Edge
Deepen your knowledge about the five pillars of a successful edge deployment with CPI and leading players in edge infrastructure applications, HM Cragg, ZPE Systems and Pfannenberg

Bonding and Grounding
Understand the latest requirements and best practices of this undervalued yet vital practice in a lively dialogue between CPI and iGround

Live Q&A sessions on the topics will occur throughout the day.

New Products and Solutions
CPI’s highly regarded Product Managers will demonstrate the latest CPI solutions for power management, 5G wireless and other cellular enclosures, cable management and data center cabinets. 

The Chatsworth Challenge
Attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to test their knowledge of technology infrastructure by completing the “Chatsworth Challenge,” a series of quizzes in immersive online 3D environments ranging from the data center to the edge. 

What is your most pressing challenge? A chance to win $100 
Attendees are invited to enter their most pressing, ongoing technology infrastructure challenge for a chance to win a $100 gift card. 

Additionally, CPI will provide exclusive access to a series of technical webinars, videos and literature available with topics ranging from power and cable management best practices, edge deployment strategies, data center cooling and more.

This one-day event will also be available on-demand to all registrants. Register for the 2020 Digital Exchange – A Vision for the Future. 

About CPI

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is a global manufacturer of products and solutions that protect your ever-growing investment in information and communications technology for IT and industrial automation applications. We act as your business partner and are uniquely prepared to respond to your requirements with global availability and rapid product customization, giving you a competitive advantage. With decades of experience engineering thermal, power and cable management solutions for the data center, enterprise networking and industrial enclosure markets, CPI is well positioned to provide you with unequaled application expertise, customer service and technical support, and a global network of industry-leading distributors. 

CPI began in 1991 when 90 employees joined together and bought out the Dracon Division of Harris Corp. using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). With deregulation in the telecommunications industry and technological innovation in voice and data equipment, CPI focused on the explosive needs of the information technology market to manage IT infrastructure equipment.

Employee ownership was the logical choice for the staff of CPI because involvement in the overall destiny of the company was in place at every level from the beginning. Through the ESOP structure, all employees become beneficial owners. Such ownership, combined with CPI's inclusive and participatory culture, motivate employees to think and act like owners, creating a strong commitment to the attainment of an ultimate and core purpose: delighting the customer.

As CPI prepares to enter its third decade as an ESOP company, we reflect with a sense of gratitude and pride at the success and growth we have experienced during our first two decades. Fueled by employee ownership, we have grown from a single location serving the domestic U.S. market, to a global company serving international customers from locations in Agoura Hills and Chatsworth, Calif; Georgetown, Texas; New Bern, N.C.; Toronto; Mexico City; Buckinghamshire, England; Pudong, Shanghai; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Central to the company’s success has been the establishment of our unified Core Values:

We conduct our business in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, with honestly and integrity and with a strong commitment to the highest standards of business ethics.

CPI's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) structure means that all employees become beneficial owners. This motivates us to think and act like owners, creating a strong commitment to attaining out core purpose: delighting the customer.

CPI is commited to being a company of the highest quality in every aspect of its business: Quality Products, Quality Services and most of all... Quality People.

We provide an environment in which all CPI employee-owners are personally involved in establishing and achieving quality goals, while also wokring with trusted partners who share our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Employee ownership is central to the success of CPI. Employee owners deliver quality through teamwork, caring and commitment, which are extended to customers through our solutions and services.

We desire for every relationship, whether it's employee-to-customer or employee-to-employee, to be founded upon mutal trust and respect—it's the only way to achieve our common goal.



If you have a question about any product or service, or a specific question for one of the speakers and presenters, you can email us at, or reach out to us via our social media channels with the hashtag #chatsworthproducts

All sessions are on-demand and attendees can modify their registration at a later date if they’re interested in other topics.

All content related to your registered sessions is automatically saved into the Library, located in the Main Menu. Simply log in to the CPI Digital Exchange event to access your library at any time. Better yet, bookmark the CPI Digital Exchange page for easy access!

Be sure to visit the Training Center, located in the Main Menu, to access several complimentary online resources to help you advance your accreditation. Once you complete a training, you’ll receive a digital certificate of completion.

While all Digital Exchange attendees get first, exclusive access to this exciting new experience, the game itself offers a variety of in-play sharing options via social media and email. You also have the option to play on your desktop or mobile device (the mobile version is available for free download on the iOS and Android app stores) All game players are also entered to win a $100 gift card! 

Convinced Yet?

We know your time is valuable. Especially now, even while many work remotely and adapt to new digital requirements, deadlines, meetings and more, it's important that you allocate your time wisely, and to help you do just that, much of the content at this year's CPI Digital Exchange is available on-demand for you to access at any point during or after the show date. Simply be sure to register to ensure that access and then the rate of your learning is completely up to you!